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Jesse Robredo – Sinelas Leadership


Sec. Jesse Robredo’s untimely death is a sad moment in our Philippine politics. However, his sudden departure resulted to an outpouring of love to the people that he served.

This outpouring of appreciation and gratitude is the result of Sec. Robredo’s “SINELAS LEADERSHIP”.  Sinelas leadership is a type of leadership where you serve the people rather than being served.

The simplicity of his lifestyle despite an opportunity to attain a better one because of his tenure as a leader in Naga shocked a lot of people in a positive way. For one big reason, we seldom see a leader in our midst that cannot turn his back away against the seductive lure of corruption and lavish lifestyle.

Secretary Robredo is a different leader. He is a leader worthy of emulation. He is a modern day hero.

Although, a lot of praises and honors are accorded to him, this piece merely wanted to send an appreciation and thank you to the examples he left for us.

Yes, Sinelas Leadership will live for as long as leaders are willing to serve others rather than be served.


The Need for Leadership for Filipinos

Leadership for Filipinos


There are voluminous copies of research and studies about Leadership. Yet, we see all around us the lack of leadership that is hurting our society. Despite this accepted reality, we cannot stop learning and researching more about leadership.


Because there is a need to change the world and make it a better place. This quest continues and will continue to be pursued in the future. Leadership impacts the society. We see upheavals and changes of culture and behavior because of a spark caused by leaders.

This is the reason this blog was created to learn from our present Leaders and add up to the growing volume of knowledge about leadership. In doing so, we hope to INSPIRE AND INCITE POSITIVE ACTIONS from present and future Filipino Leaders.

Join me in this great journey.

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